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Elektra the warrior survives a near-death experience, becomes an assassin-for-hire, and tries to protect her two latest targets, a single father and his young daughter, from a group of supernatural as

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original title: Elektra

genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Fantasy,Thriller


imdb: 5.3

duration: 1h 37min

tags: She's the last thing that stands between good and evil.

budget: $43,000,000

keywords: assassin, battle, heroine, martialarts, spinoff, cleavage, ambush, samuraisword, vigilantejustice, martialartist, superheroine, femaleprotagonist, teenagegirl, marvelcomics, violence, baremidriff, eye



































Elektra is a lethal synthesis of grace and power with the mystical power known as Kimagure: a limited ability to see the future. She has purposefully severed all ties with the world and lives only for her next assignment. Elektra's latest job forces her to make a decision that can take her life in a whole new direction or destroy her. Elektra, once a student of Kimagure, a force for good, whose masters can see the future and even bring people back from the dead, is now a paid assassin. The enemy, the force for evil, at this time is known as The Hand, whose members use the dark arts. In this tale Elektra is given an assignment to kill a man and his daughter. However when the time comes to complete the mission she is unable to. The daughter is also being sought by The Hand, for she is known as a treasure that can tip the scales in favor of either good or evil. The Hand, who have the policy of "If we can't have her then no one can", send their own people to kill her. Elektra then allies herself with the Millers and helps to protect them from The Hand. The journey to the climax, the ultimate battle between good and evil for the treasure, has some interesting revelations, heading for a finale with an interesting twist. I feel need to see it once again to make sure I really saw what I saw. For a start, I have no idea what genre this movie is. It's not superhero movie, not drama, not romance, not action... It has a bit of all those genres but not nearly enough of any. Even by the standards of the action genre (which is by the way the lowest ranked genre on my scale) this is lame. Story is shallow, underdeveloped, full of unprovoked, unexplained and redundant elements. Characters are not even two-dimensional but transparent, acting is decent at best and, in my opinion, Jennifer Garner as Elektra is lousy choice. And the end... When they already made this movie the way they did, they should have stayed consistent to pathetic and end it with wedding of Elektra and Goran Vinji. Then sell it to Disney and release it under "fairy- tale for teenage girls with lack of self- respect" genre. This way, movie has nothing to show for and it's not even bad enough to be entertaining. Mediocrity in the most offensive sense possible.

4/10 Anti-obesity advocates will applaud the new Marvel Comics distaff action movie "Elektra" for its message that young women should watch their weight if they want to be touted by others as 'a treasure.' As the eponymous heroine of "Elektra," "Alias" TV star Jennifer Garner doesn't have an ounce of adipose on her sculptured physique. Indeed, if her TV and film career ever dries up, this lean, mean, Valkyrie can model Victoria's Secrets' lingerie. Like Halle Berry's "Catwoman," Garner's butt-kicking babe discards her ordinary everyday apparel in a crisis to wear a ridiculous but seductive costume that resembles the outfit of a classy call-girl. Indeed, you won't have a problem keeping your eye on Ms. Garner's drop-dead gorgeous Amazon, and she looks better than this thoroughly formulaic thriller that benefits from no-nonsense helming from veteran "X-Files" TV director Rob Bowman. Since he left "The X-Files," Bowman has made some pretty good movies than "Elektra." Check out "Reign of Terror," his supercharged 2002 fantasy about flying dragons in contemporary England with Christian Bale & Mathew McConaughey. Although the "Elektra" villains emerge as fascinating looking gang of hybrids forged in the "X-Men" mold, they slow down but never stop our heroine and the people that she is protecting. Bowman and his scenarist pit Elektra not only against physical adversaries, but they also pit her against herself. In the Marvel Universe, costume-clad crimefighters don't get a free ride. They experience problems, too. For example, our angst-ridden heroine suffers from bouts of loneliness, alienation, and an abusive father that haunts her memories in flashbacks, making her convincingly vulnerable and more believable as a fearless super heroine. No, you need not have seen 2003's "Daredevil," the epic that spun off "Elektra," to appreciate this feminine heroine's exploits. In fact, neither Daredevil nor his alter-ego, Matt Murdock, make a cameo in "Elektra," and nobody says squat about her relationship with Daredevil.

Anybody who saw the vastly superior "Daredevil" knows that Elektra Natchios died in that blockbuster during a rooftop confrontation with the villains. This time around Elektra's blind sensei Stick (Terence Stamp of "Superman") has brought her back from the dead, but he also evicts her from his martial arts training camp. He tells Elektra that she must resolve her anger management problem. As a result, Elektra turns into a highly-paid assassin. In the opening scene, she decimates an army of bodyguards and slays her victim, a despicable crime lord (the ever dependent but uncredited Jason Isaacs of "Windtalkers"), without acquiring a scratch. Afterward, her agent who arranges hits for her, McCabe (Colin Cunningham of "The 6th Day"), lands her a contract with a $2-million paycheck. A weary Elektra reluctantly accepts the job. Before she carries it out, she meets her intended victims, Mark Miller ("ER" heartthrob Goran Visnjic) and his 13-year old daughter Abby (Kirsten Prout of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"), and takes a shine to them. Not only is the attractive Miller a widower, but his daughter bonds with Elektra. Abby gets the mom she no longer has, and Elektra gets to redeem herself. Initially, a notorious Japanese syndicate known as 'The Hand,' with a pagoda atop a Tokyo skyscraper, paid Elektra for the hit. When she changes her mind, boss man Roshi (evil Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa of "Rising Sun") dispatches his pugnacious son Kirigi (Will Yuin Lee of "Die Another Day") and his unusual trio of killers: Typhoid Mary (Natassia Malthe of "Lake Placid"), Stone (wrestling champ Bob Sapp), Tattoo (newcomer Chris Ackerman), and Kinkolu (another newcomer Edson T. Ribeiro) to murder the Millers and ice Elektra. These three pose a challenge, especially Typhoid with her touch of dead powers and Tattoo with his animals that materialize from his tattoos. As we learn later, Abby boasts superhuman powers that the Hand wish to exploit. This is the first major surprise in the movie. If the Hand cannot control Abby, they want her dead! "X-Men 2" scribe Zak Penn penned this lively, larger-than-life, acrobatic nonsense. No, "Elektra" doesn't top "X2," but it is still entertaining hokum. Actually, Typhoid Mary imitates the "X-Men" heroine Rogue. Mary puts a lip lock on Elektra and drains the life out of our super heroine. Nobody rivals Tattoo with his tattoos that spring to life, especially the wolf and the snakes!

Clearly, "Elektra" lacks the "Daredevil" budget. The "Elektra" villains aren't nearly as audacious as Kingpin and Bullseye. Again, the Hand look quiet, cool, and deadly, and they challenge our heroine and her friends. For example, Elektra battles Tattoo whose elaborate body art assumes a life of its own. Eagles flap out of his shoulder to keep track of Elektra when the Millers and she go on the lam. In Tattoo's coolest scene, a venomous variety of snakes materialize from his tats. Unfortunately, the threat that his body art poses to Elektra amounts to little in the long run. Elektra brushes off Tattoo without breaking a sweat. This is the chief problem with "Elektra." The villains topple like ten-pins. At one point, the egotistical Kirigi wedges his razor-sharp samurai sword against Elektra's bare neck. He has the perfect chance to kill her. Evidently, Penn wrote himself into a corner with this scene, because he lets Elektra off the hook far too easily. Instead of killing her without a second thought, the villain ignores her and pursues Abby. Granted, you cannot let your heroine die in an action thriller, at least not twice. But when the heroine gets herself into a predicament like Elektra finds herself, she should have to display some ingenuity to escape. Consequently, Elektra survives, because Kirigi behaves like a fool. Foolish villains do little to enhance the heroine's stature.

Altogether, Jennifer Garner makes a strong heroine, and she has the moves down. Terence Stamp steals every scene that he has, and the blind Stick is reminiscent of Matt Murdock. The production values are suitably polished, and Bowman stages the combat scenes with above-average aplomb. What it suffers from most is the sense of offhand storytelling that lies halfway between creative laziness and cost-cutting sloppiness. In order to be able to get more people into the cinemas, the movie was cut down for a PG-13 rating. When the DVD hit the store, the original Director's Cut was released.


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